A Bloody Good Time

by Victoria D'Olier on July 20, 2010 | (2) Comments |

What are Sunday afternoons for if not drinking mediocre wine and watching True Blood?  I have pledged solemn allegiance to this important ritual and in an effort to stay committed to a plan of such gravity, I followed through appropriately yesterday afternoon with Episode 4 of Season 3.  Per usual, the show was incomparably superior to the wine in my hand but my role here is not to endlessly extol the virtues of Eric or Alcide but to discuss my libations of choice.

I bear the unfortunate burden of an expensive palate and a lean pocketbook.  But one must work with what they’ve got so I tend to shoot for quality spirits I can buy in bulk or inexpensive wine that tastes like wine and not fermented bacon or cat urine (and yes, I have had the unfortunate experience of swabbing my mouth with both of these flavors while dabbling in cheap Pinotage and Sauvingnon Blanc, respectively).  To expect anything significantly better than wine tasting like wine when one is unwilling to pay more than $10 a bottle is generally a little unrealistic which brings me to Tamas…

Priced at $7.99 at Times Supermarket in Kahala, Tamas Pinot Grigio all but winked at me while grabbing my ass as I passed by the liquor aisle.  It was approachable and cheap, I was thirsty, and I’m only human and so a new relationship was born.  I would call this ideal picnic wine – the price is right, it’s a screw cap, and drinking it out of a red plastic cup could only improve upon its passive mediocrity.  The wine is light, fresh, and very easy drinking.  While Pinot Grigio occasionally leans too heavily on acidity the wine maker at Tamas left this beverage appropriately crisp and fresh without any jarring acidity that could reduce its food friendliness.  It’s fruit was upfront and appealing – simple green apples, a splash of citrus, and perhaps a bit of light melon in the background.  There was no real finish to speak of but let’s be honest, I’ve already suggested you drink this during the day out of a red plastic cup, a lengthy finish is clearly not an objective at this point.  So, if you’re headed to the beach, a seafood heavy barbecue, your sofa to watch campy vampire television, or watching the sun go down in your backyard with a plate of cantaloupe and prosciutto, this is the wine for you.  If you’re off to your wine aficionado future-in-laws or purchasing a graduation gift I would encourage you to look a bit further.

Please feel free to shoot me a message or comment with any questions or additional recommendations.

Happy drinking!

2 responses to “A Bloody Good Time”

  1. erinekshaw says:

    Love this. Well done Tori 🙂

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