Cupcake: Live Deliciously

by Erin Shaw on September 22, 2010 | (2) Comments |

My wine knowledge extends about as far as semi-sober wine tours in Bordeaux and Napa and drinking whatever is put in front of me – bottling years mean nothing to me, the word “vintage” makes me think of couture fashion, I can’t tell the difference between oak and blackberry flavors, and goodness only knows what tannins are.  This paired with a life ruled by the aesthetically pleasing, it should come as no great surprise that I am “that girl” who shops for wine based on how much I like the label – and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am rarely disappointed by the results of this tactic.

Drink your dessert

During my last foray into the Foodland wine section, I emerged with the following bottle:

Attracted by the swirly girlyness of the label design, the tag line “Cupcake: Live Deliciously,” and I’m sure some sub-conscious connection between the word cupcake and my insatiable sweet tooth and incessant need to bake, it was a no brainer.

A Mendoza Malbec (apparently the grapes are from the Mendoza region of Argentina), the wine is described on the back label as “A well-structured wine offering generous plum and raspberry notes.  A round, full palate with a touch of creaminess yields into flavors reminiscent of a dark chocolate flourless cupcake accented with fresh berries.”  Mmmmhmmm…whatever you say.  While my palate clearly isn’t sophisticated enough to pick up on these things, my observations were as follows:

1)    It was super tasty paired with lemon herb pita chips and garlic herb hummus (which I suppose sort of goes along the lines of the prime rib/blue cheese and Cajun eggplant they recommended it with?)

2)    In retrospect, this wine would also be damn good with the fruit-infused chocolate cake I recently made (sub raspberry preserves for the apricot), as a good alternative to a traditional dessert wine.

Bottom line: cute name, love the label, quite delicious, less than $15.  Winner.

2 responses to “Cupcake: Live Deliciously”

  1. People buy wines solely based on the label more than anyone wants to admit. Furthermore, since drinking wine is such an aesthetic experience anyway, a beautiful bottle absolutely enhances the drinking experience.

    I look forward to following your dogged pursuit of the best wine quality to label aesthetic ratio.

  2. Elton Nichols says:

    Kudos Erin; great article and nice pick.

    I’ve found that you actually can often tell a lot about a wine by its label, much as you honestly can tell things about a book by its cover (I’m pointing at you, Fabio!). Some labels are boring and the wine inside is often unimaginative. Some labels try to hard and the wine inside is often incomplete or not skillfully integrated. This bottle caught your eye for a reason, and thankfully it lived up to its promise.

    Two questions: what would you rate this wine and how?