Drinking wine for your health is so 2009

by Justin D'Olier on September 28, 2010 | Comments Off on Drinking wine for your health is so 2009 |

Drink to your health

A pint a day keeps the urologist away

The health benefits of drinking wine are well documented. The high level of antioxidants from grapes helps to reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of cancer. For years, wine drinkers have lorded this over their beer swilling compatriots, claiming the moral high ground of “drinking to your health” all to themselves.

Not anymore.

Research suggests that drinking beer can reduce your risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, provide a sturdy dose of B-vitamins, and — here’s the kicker — prevent you from pissing blood.

A recent post on Shine (Yahoo.com’s healthy living section) discusses the health benefits of drinking beer, which, surprisingly, includes preventing kidney stones:

“According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, risk of kidney stones was decreased 40% in middle-aged beer-drinking men, as compared to non-beer-drinkers. While the researchers couldn’t determine which component of the beverage was responsible for the drop, the evidence of benefit was impressive.”

So the next time a snobby wine drinker lectures you on the health benefits of their 2010 Charles Shaw Merlot, wish them luck passing that stone through their ureter. Meanwhile, raise a pint, hoist a can, pop open a bottle, or remove the screw cap from an ice-cold 40.

It’s for your health.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer [shine.yahoo.com]

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