Holy Spirits!: Kirkland Signature Macallan Scotch Whisky 17 year Sherry Cask Finish

by Elton Nichols on September 23, 2010 | (5) Comments |

Who knew Macallan even made a 17 year?!

As I was starting service this evening at our club one of our members pulled me aside to show off an intriguing bottle; Kirkland Signature Macallan Distillery Single Malt Scotch Whisky 17 Year Sherry Cask Finish (a mouthful to say, but worth it to get to the mouthful of Scotch).  Costco (based out of Kirkland, WA therefore the Kirkland Signature label) is known to get great deals on wine and spirits to offer under their private labels.  Their Super-Tuscan, for instance, was unofficially known to be declassified Tignanello.  It should not be suprising to me that they got a top notch Scotch Whisky distillery to provide a private bottling, but this quality and price point caught me off guard, especially since the distillery name is proudly emblazoned on the front label!

Macallan typically does not make a 17 year aged whisky.  Often you will see 12yr and 18yr on the market, though if you look hard enough you may find the elusive and lovely 10yr or the rich and smooth 25yr and 30yr.  It seems Macallan made a special batch of 17yr that was distilled in 1991, then bottled in 2008 and rested for two years.  Whisky does not continue to develop once placed in bottle, but some elements do take time to settle down and integrate.

This whisky is finished in Sherry casks that impart a delightfully spicy and floral aroma, and while not quite as rich and flavorful as the 18yr (one of my personal favorites) it is a steal at $69.99!  This should be in our local Costco stores no later than October 1st, but may already be in stock at a few locations.

Bottom line: Bang / Buck = $1.40 / $1 (this over-performs for its price)

UPDATE 9/25/2010:

I was at the Hawaii Kai Costco today and they have it in stock so I picked up a bottle.  Right next to this they had the 18yr for $129.99 (if I recall correctly; it may have been $119.99).

5 responses to “Holy Spirits!: Kirkland Signature Macallan Scotch Whisky 17 year Sherry Cask Finish”

  1. Josh says:

    Their beer is pretty tasty as well. Costco ftw.

  2. chefnash says:

    Just poured a dram. Lovely stuff. Good description here. Funny that when I went searching for info I ended up back in Hawaii. And yes, the 25 really is something, but I’ll take about 9 bottle of this for one of those.


    A Chef in Maui

  3. Scott M says:

    If only the legislation passed up here in Costco’s home state to sell liquor in their retail locations…great looking bottle of scotch, and at that price? You said it all!

  4. Andria says:

    Any updates on when this years scotch will be released. I have heard it is a 19 year, my local Costco doesnt seem to know its release day. Its that time of year!