Making the Case for Beer (or, Buy Me a Case of Beer)

by Mel Galarneau on September 23, 2010 | (8) Comments |

A quick scan of this website reveals a glaring absence of one of my favorite subjects: BEER.  Oh sure, there are some clues that beer exists on this website, but mostly in passing jabs toward Miller Chill (haven’t tried it, can’t rate it).  That said, I demand more beer discussion!  Beer is the best beverage in the world.  And before you point out my (only slightly) exaggerated claim, allow me to enlighten you.

Yes, wine has long been the superior drink of choice.  For decades pretentious oenophiles have poured (intentional pun) over the vintage, soil quality, and region as a means to make my chugging Yellow Tail Shiraz seem laughable.   Its culture of aerating and sipping and swirling has been beaten to death.

Enter beer.  Beer is a true chameleon of the beverage world.  It can be a cheap, watery, overly-carbonated, get-you-drunk beverage of choice for tailgaters and frat boys alike.  However, it is also emerging as a new means in which to flaunt one’s snobbery.  Our options in the beer world are rapidly expanding.  A quick glance at the beer section in Whole Foods was enough for me to realize that my Budweiser-drinking world had been shattered.  We now have choices: Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lambics, and yes Justin, Miller Chill, to name a few.  There is a style to sate any flavor you crave or any event you attend.  One of my favorites is, in lieu of champagne for New Years Eve (gives me the GERD), Lindemans Framboise Lambic, a raspberry flavored beer that comes in a bottle similar to that of champagne.  It gives me the fancy bubbly I need without the acidity in my throat.  Beer is so unpretentious that no one questions your selection of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Bud Light at a BBQ whereas I have been scoffed at many times for my contribution of Franzia boxed wine.   Beer has the special quality of being both pretentious and unpretentious at the same time.  It is accessible and unintimidating—the perfect introduction to a life of alcoholism (…or alcohol appreciation).

So with that, I look forward to contributing more to the beer side of this venture along with the Supreme High Chancellor of Debauchery and the Earl of Hoppingtonshire (that’s right guys, I’m calling you out!) or anyone else who would like to contribute their wisdoms to this most faultless beverage.

Hooray beer!

8 responses to “Making the Case for Beer (or, Buy Me a Case of Beer)”

  1. Earl of Hoppingtonshire says:

    Dear Madam L. Lush,

    May I kindly remind you that the good drink Beer has been previously mentioned, if only in passing, in the Sophia-Bubbly-In-A-Can-winning article Us Lucky Bastards. Your article, however, has broken the levees built by the oenerds (Elton, et al.) and has set the stage for a delicious golden amber flood of beer articles. Rest assured, The S.H.C. of Debauchery and I will be busily toiling on, fueled by the fire lit by your call to bottles.


    J.W.Hampton Esq., Earl of Hoppingtonshire
    God Save the Queen!

    • Meltron aka Lady Lush says:

      Unfortunately, my dear Earl, the article “Us Lucky Bastards” merely makes a fleeting mention of a beer and I felt that it didn’t satiate my hunger for a full-fledged article dedicated to the elixir we call beer. Better luck next time 😉

  2. Elton Nichols says:

    Just because wine is the best beverage in the world it cannot be said that beer is not a complex and noble drink. Both share a long and intertwined history, especially in the days before readily available potable drinking water.
    I am looking forward to reading all of your insights and opinions. I too may write occasional articles on beers I find, but I will cede the floor for the majority of the discussion to you and the other resident hop-heads.

    • I was about to curse you for your diplomacy before I noticed your carefully placed bold letters. Well played, sir.

      As a beverage agnostic, I look forward to seeing how this battle for alcohol supremacy plays out.

  3. Love the article, Mel. You may have forced me into writing a review on Miller Chill…

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