Mommy Needs A Cocktail: Midnight Feedings

by Kristin Nichols on September 11, 2010 | (1) Comment |

Sofia sparkling wine

Sparkling wine through a straw? Brilliant!

As a new mom of an almost 3 month old little dude, I’ve been slowly returning to the world of drunken shenanigans after an almost year-long hiatus.  The older our little one gets, the braver I’ve become about drinking while (gasp!) breastfeeding.

The general rule of thumb between alcohol and breastfeeding is to wait 2 hours after each drink to feed your little one in order to give the alcohol enough time to leave your milk.  You have one drink you wait two hours after you finish it to breastfeed, you drink two you wait four, etc., etc..  According to my lactation consultant, you feed baby then “feed” yourself (since baby is feeding on liquids, stands to reason mom does too!), and when your baby is eating every 2-3 hours, you’ve got a strict drinking time line to follow.  There’s no time for dilly dallying!  Get to drinking!

My one drink that I have every few days or so usually happens after my husband gets home from work around midnight – the only time we have to be adults alone without baby.  If fate deems it proper, baby will feed at around the same time so that I might have a cocktail with my husband – and if that happens I want to make the most out of the experience!  I have a few conditions for the little (sob!) alcohol I consume these days, and they are:  I am able to get a tiny, quick buzz, the drink is tasty, the alcohol percentage isn’t too high (no Everclear!), and it’s quick and easily accessible.  My drink of choice these days?  Sophia Mini Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine, found these days in Fujioka’s for about $3.49 per adorable, hot pink, mini can.

The beauty of a mini can of sparkling wine isn’t only the pretty, pink color, but also that it is a perfectly pre-portioned serving of sparkling wine that doesn’t require measuring, doesn’t require opening a bottle, and doesn’t require a lot of money.  Sparkling wine hits your bloodstream quickly, giving you a fast, temporary buzz, and the included pink straw only serves to get the alcohol into your system more efficiently.  All this for only 11% alcohol?  Sign me up!

As an added bonus, if you are drinking in front of mommy police who don’t approve of any alcohol while you are a breastfeeding mama (regardless that it is gone before it gets to baby), they will have no idea of what you’re consuming.  It looks like a mini can of soda!  Subterfuge along with your drink is great fun.

Sophia Mini Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine is a bit on the sweet side  – I do like mine a bit more brut – and has more floral tones than most sparkling wines I drink (due to the 10% of Muscat Cannelli added).  In my ideal world they would leave out that 10%, but the product is obviously marketed toward the female public (how many men would choose to sip sparkling wine out of a hot pink can through a hot pink straw?) so I assume the winemakers are pandering to the notion that women enjoy sweeter wines (damn gender roles!).  Regardless of my sweetness preference though, the appeal of an individual serving of sparkling wine that can be popped open like a can of soda for $3.49, can be drank quickly, felt immediately, and gone from my breast milk before baby wakes up is undeniable.  After all, doesn’t mommy deserve a midnight feeding too?

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  1. What has two thumbs and no qualms about sipping sparkling wine out of a hot pink can through a hot pink straw?