Mommy Needs a Cocktail: Ole!

by Kristin Nichols on September 20, 2010 | (4) Comments |

It’s midnight.  The lights are dim.  There is a whisper of voices, a hum of music, and the moon is full outside.  I am lounging in a soft chair, looking at my iPhone, checking Facebook, when a handsome man walks up to me, smiles and says, “Can I bring you a drink?”

“Yes, Cazadores with a pineapple back please.”  I smile at the handsome man as he walks away and returns shortly with a shot glass of my favorite tequila.

“Sorry, no pineapple juice in house.”

I raise my glass.  “Not a problem!”  I look lovingly at the pale gold liquid,  sniff the smoky aroma, cherish the relaxation of the moment, when…”WAHHHHH…..WAHHHHHH……WAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

My handsome waiter puts down his shot glass, filled with the same golden elixir.  “I’ll get him.”  Minutes later, pacified by daddy’s arms, the baby stops crying and goes back to sleep.

My illusion has passed.  The low murmur of voices comes from the TV, my lounge chair is our living room couch, and the lights are dim because the baby is sleeping.  For approximately half a millisecond, I had returned to my favorite pre-baby bar, with my friends, doing what we used to always do:  Lounge, talk, and drink Cazadores with a pineapple juice back.  The only thing that remains the same is that my husband still brings me my cocktail.

I pick up my Tigger shot glass, and raise it to him as he comes back in the room; he picks up his Goofy shot glass and toasts me.  We cheers to our little baby, as we always do, savoring the smoky flavor, the sharp bite of the Cazadores.

I inhale sharply as the kick of the alcohol hits the back of my throat, taste buds noting the lack of sugar and caramel flavor that is so prevalent in lesser tequilas that aren’t 100% agave and barrel aged.  Lesser tequilas have caramel flavoring added to give it that beautiful amber color without the years of barrel aging (adding also unnecessary sweetness) – my beloved Cazadores gets it naturally.  It’s distinctly more biting than, say, the Sauza Gold we had had the week prior, much more complex in flavor and hard to shoot.

Sauza Gold is sweet and pleasant, slightly fake in flavor, as at home in a shot glass as it is in a frozen margarita, and available at all your local fraternity houses.  Cazadores isn’t a margarita type of tequila; it’s an enjoying-the-flavor beverage that goes well over ice or by itself, a smoky enjoyment that can be found in the liquor collection of your favorite bartender.  It has a finish that tingles for days, delighting your taste buds with agave love.  If you aim to shoot it and need a chaser, choose a pineapple back because the pineapple juice adds the sweetness that the tequila lacks, and makes the shooting process much easier.

Cazadores isn’t the cheapest of tequilas – it’s at Costco for around $28.99 or something like that.  But!!!  Fujioka’s in Market City has it on special for $23.99.  $23.99 for a trip down memory lane bottled in a tequila that has flavor that just won’t quit?  I’ll toast (in my Disneyland shot glass, of course) to that.

4 responses to “Mommy Needs a Cocktail: Ole!”

  1. Josh says:

    I’ll never look at my beloved Sauza Gold the same way again. Thanks for the knowledge!

  2. Cazadores is our go-to standard for reasonably priced sipping / scratch Margarita tequila and at 23.99 that’s a steal. We should highlight this as the first item in our “Buying Guide”.

    Also, I love that you brought up the notion of authenticity in tequila. I think the philosophical debate of what constitutes a real or authentic beverage is incredibly interesting. I think artificial techniques (adding sugars, coloration, flavors, etc…) have their place and I wouldn’t blink an eye at using Suaza or Cuervo Gold in a large batch of Margaritas for a party, but I’d far rather pay a slight premium for a beverage that was crafted with natural ingredients in the original style when imbibing for personal pleasure.

    I think we should include information about ingredient quality and stylistic integrity whenever possible. THAT is drinking with Aloha!

  3. Elton Nichols says:

    I married an alcoholic genius! (genius of alcohol, not an alcoholic…. I’m going to hear about this one later!)

  4. Elton Nichols: “I married an alcoholic genius.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha. There’s gotta be a better way to say that.