Us Lucky Bastards

by Joshua Hampton on September 12, 2010 | (6) Comments |

After a few failed attempts at writing something as witty and well composed as previous articles submitted to this wonderfully ambitious website, I realized that in no way could I come close. I don’t have the palate or the critical expertise to judge and describe beer or wine or any other delicious imbibation available to you thirsty souls, and I don’t think I should try yet. I do, however, love drinking beer and drinking with friends. Partaking in both of these activities today, I might have stumbled upon what this website means to me.

Sitting on the sea wall at Magic Island watching the breakers crash on the rocks at my feet, and the sun lazily sinking behind the Waianae Mountains, I shared a few Big Swell IPA’s with a good buddy of mine. We weren’t talking about anything of great importance or of anything particularly profound; just shooting the shit and catching up after a long summer of work and a surprisingly taxing bike ride from campus. Taking sips from my can cautiously wrapped in a soggy brown paper bag, I took stock of the scene around me. A beautiful ocean framed in by pink sky and cloudy mountains, a light breeze, a good friend, and some tasty beers were all mine to enjoy. I wasn’t so much concerned about which deity to thank for this moment or trying to trace any number of infinitely random events that led me to this place. All I knew was that I was there, I was happy, and I was damn grateful.

I truly hope all of you are able to have this kind of drinking experience, whether it be belly up to a bar, elbow to elbow with scores of rowdy beer-swilling compatriots, or sitting quietly at home with a loved one enjoying a fine glass of wine. I implore you all to try to appreciate each friend, each sip and each experience that makes you think “yeah, I’m a lucky bastard.” That’s what this website and everyone involved is all about; drinking and enjoying our drinks and our lives. So the next time you’re out on the town or sitting at the beach with a friend, please do your best to drink well, drink responsibly, and most importantly, drink with aloha.

6 responses to “Us Lucky Bastards”

  1. Big Swell IPA is currently my favorite beer in the world, provided it is imbibed on the beach on the North Shore while the sun sets over the Waianae Mountains.

  2. Josh says:

    To Elton,

    Big Swell is like an endearingly dumb yet very cute girl who is one dimensional but great to hang out with nonetheless. It’s a very drinkable, safe, and tasty IPA with a pretty big hop profile. Try it!

    • How dare you slight the magesty that is Big Swell IPA. I hereby challenge you to accompany me to the North Shore of Oahu and imbibe a six pack of Big Swell, after a quick dip in the cool waters, while the sand and salt water lightly coat the rim of the can.

      Perfection, I tell you. Perfection.

      • Josh says:

        Think of it this way Justin- You love Captain Jack (a big, dumb, friendly golden retriever), right? He’s like the Big Swell of dogs. No one hates him, most people love him, but no one is going to comment on his intellectual depth or his impeccable social graces.

  3. Josh says:

    In Addendum-

    A more tempting challenge has yet to be presented to me, and I am an oft-challenged individual. To accept would mean almost certain inebriation, but to deny would mean almost certain boredom. My answer to be conveyed to you via carrier pigeon in one quarter fortnight.