Champage and Angel Wings: An Ode to St-Germain

by Erin Shaw on November 21, 2010 | Comments Off on Champage and Angel Wings: An Ode to St-Germain |

A few weeks ago a girlfriend and I attended the grand opening of the new Waikiki Edition hotel and were treated to quite the lavish pool-side party complete with delectable food, a sprinkling of celebrities, and best of all, a top-shelf open bar.  They were serving up a whole array of pastel hued signature concoctions we were dying to try, but with it being just 8 p.m. and with a whole night ahead of us, we chose to play it safe and ordered up a few vodka waters.

A few drinks later (about the time that we were seriously considering asking Jason from True Blood if he would mind removing his shirt for us please), we decided to switch gears and attempt to pace ourselves.  Up next was nothing short of heaven in a champagne flute.  A little bit of bubbly topped off with St-Germain liqueur…yes, I’m pretty sure my glass had angel wings.

We promptly returned to the bar, and upon further investigation learned that St-Germain is made of hand-picked fluffy, white elder flowers off the slopes of the alps and created in a special French artisanal way (by marrying the elderflower maceration, grape spirit and just the right amount of cane sugar).  Sound a bit snotty?  Well it’s French, and very much so.  But damn is it good.  The flavor is delicate, intriguing, lightly floral and just a bit sweet.  Made in small batches and without any preservatives, St-Germain is in short supply and best enjoyed within 6 months of opening (it would last about a week if I got my grubby little fingers on a bottle…).  A perfect match for just about anything behind the bar (the St-Germain website boasts a number of tasty looking recipes and helpful tips), it is absolutely divine with just a bit of champagne.  So divine in fact, we indulged in enough to carry us well into the night, and thus our love for Crazybox was born; but that’s an entirely different story…

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