Happy Thanksgiving from Drink with Aloha

by Justin D'Olier on November 23, 2010 | (2) Comments |

Wild Turkey

This Turkey thinks Beaujolais Nouveau pairs better with roast chicken...

As you make preparations for turkey, stuffing, and broccoli casserole (trust me, it’s delicious), don’t forget to pick up an appropriate beverage (or three). In recent years, Beaujolais Nouveau has become a trendy Thanksgiving dinner pairing because of its versatility, but a high acid Pinot Noir or Rose is an equally excellent choice. If a Thanksgiving Day beer sounds better, we’d humbly suggest a fresh hop ale like Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Deschuttes Hop Trip Pale Ale, or Epic Pale Ale. Most importantly, great company makes great drinking, so trust your own palate and drink what you like.

We’re going to have too much tryptophan and Pinot Noir in our system to post anything more over the weekend, but we’ll be back on Monday with more Drink with Aloha goodness. To tide you over, check out the highlights from last week, including a homemade limoncello recipe, a rundown of incredible Rieslings, and an overview of a few holiday brews:

The Week in Review (11/12 to 11/19)

2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from Drink with Aloha”

  1. Mike Braden says:

    For appetizers and pre-dinner snacking, I’d suggest a sparkling wine; a good way to prep the palate for more hearty food/drinks. A Prosecco like Adami can be affordable and quite tasty. Lucien Albrecht makes a great and affordable Brut Rose.

    Deschutes Jubelale is pretty good this year; a nice strong winter ale to warm you from the inside out. Very alcoholic.

    If you like rich malty beers, a Belgian dubbel or abbey ale is robust, slightly sweet, with a characteristic yeasty flavor. I suggest Gulden Draak or Ommegang. Those seeking something a little lighter on the palette (but still highly alcoholic and Belgian) should try a tripel like Piraat or Tripel Karmeliet.

    I second Pinot Noir for most Thanksgiving faire. If you can afford it, try to get a Willamette valley pinot. Oregon makes great reds. If your meal is going to be mostly seafood and/or spicy, you might want to check out the Riesling rundown on here.

    For after dinner drinks, Grenache goes great with chocolate. This is also a good time to serve a sparkling wine. I myself am a huge port fan. One of my all time favorite mid-range bottles (that I don’t mind sharing and finishing a whole bottle in a sitting) is Galway Pipe, a south australian port.

    For those of you kama’aina in colder climates, don’t forget the power of a hot beverage. A bit of honey, some irish whiskey, topped off with hot water is quite nice on a cold evening (and can help soothe tired throats).

    Dr. Mike

    • Thanks for the great suggestions, Dr. Mike. I may need to schedule a second (or third) Thanksgiving Dinner just to try all your recommendations.

      I think a trip to the store for a bottle of Gulden Draak and some Galway Pipe are in order.