Holy Spirits!: Highland Park 18 year

by Elton Nichols on November 28, 2010 | (2) Comments |

My beautiful bottle, now sadly empty.

Every year in July I buy a better than average bottle of Scotch to celebrate my birthday. Counterintuitively the better it is the longer it takes to finish the bottle (yes, I’m a pleasure delayer; delighting in the anticipation of exquisite things). Tonight I am finishing the last sips of this year’s splurge: Highland Park 18 Year Scotch Whisky.

Highland Park is made on Orkney Island and is Scotland’s northernmost distillery. Perhaps this geographical delineation is what stirs my Scandinavian blood? It is peaty and smoky, but a superb all-arounder. The peat from this island is young and healthy with a heather-honey accent, far more refreshing than the standard Islay peat!

To quote the late great Michael Jackson (no, not that one!) the Highland Park 18 year is, “warm, notably flowery. Very aromatic and appetizing. Remarkably smooth, firm, rounded. Lightly salty. Lots of flavour development: nuts, honey, cinnamon, dryish ginger. Finish: Spicy, very dry, oaky, smoky, hot. Score: 92” (he scores really tough! Even Macallan gets the occasional 80 from him)

I bow to the memory of Mr. Jackson, and to the greatness that is Highland Park.

2 responses to “Holy Spirits!: Highland Park 18 year”

  1. […] it has something to do with the fact that it’s aged in Highland Park Scotch Whisky casks from their 16 year Whisky that makes it so great to me.  Maybe it’s the toasty caramel […]

  2. […] Elton gets home late tonight, but our favorite is the Harviestoun Ola Dubh, a dark porter aged in Highland Park Scotch Whisky casks.  A beer aged in Scotch casks? Yes please! Da Cah […]