I Fell in Love with a Chardonnay Yesterday

by Justin D'Olier on November 23, 2010 | Comments Off on I Fell in Love with a Chardonnay Yesterday |

I fell in love with a Chardonnay yesterday. Excuse me, I fell in love with a white Burgundy yesterday: The 2007 Corton-Charlemange, Grand Cru.

Generally, white Burgundy is chardonnay but the difference between white Burgundy (subtle, fresh and full of minerality) and the quintessinal American Chardonnay (provocative, big and creamy, like a bottle of buttered popcorn) is almost different enough to classify them as different varietals. Needless to say, however you want to classify the glass of wine, one thing is undeniable: it knocked my socks off. I could have sworn I was wearing socks when I took my first sip but, when I looked down at my feet… no socks.

2007 Corton-Charlemagne

I hope you aren't attached to those socks.

It started with the enchanting nose, a beautiful blend of creaminess, light oak, minerality and just a hint of green apple. The body was  perfect harmony: ripe fruit, custard and minerality, with just enough acidity to balance a silky mouthfeel. (I know it’s a standard wine texture descriptor, but the thirteen year-old boy in me chuckles everytime I say “mouthfeel”. Heh heh. I said “mouthfeel”. But I digress…) The flavors continued strongly into the finish, which lasted an almost uncomfortable amount of time. I closed my eyes and savored every moment of the long, sensual embrace. By the time the flavor finally subsided, I needed a ciagrette.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the wine is its age. The 2007 Corton-Charlemange is still a baby, a Lolita if you allow me to continue the already uncomfortable romantic metaphor.  It will take about four to five years to totally open up and, in the style of Grand Cru white Burgundys, should last for up to twenty years.

I have a hard time justifying spending $100 on anything, let alone a bottle of fermented grape juice. But, if you have a monumentous occassion (or a monumentous amount of disposable income), 2007 Cotron-Charlemange is everything you could ask for in a Chardonnay. It is truly a panty dropping wine.

Buy it, store it in a cool, dark location, and thank me in four years.

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