Waiting for Limoncello…

by Kristin Nichols on November 18, 2010 | Comments Off on Waiting for Limoncello… |


Day One: Lemons & Everclear

Sometime in June we ventured to Tamura’s and found a bottle of Everclear, which we promptly purchased for our yearly quest to make limoncello for Christmas. Note, our quest is yearly yet never accomplished due to the procrastination that plagues our lives…and this year was no better.

June 23rd arrived and so did our son…and then almost five months passed. The bottle languished sadly and, since no one in their right mind would drink Everclear by itself, unconsumed; its purpose in life, to become Limoncello ala Nichols, unfulfilled.

Until today.

“Lemons!”, Elton said during our Costco trip, the lightbulb going off in his sleep-deprived (thanks Assassin’s Creed) brain.

Sure, we didn’t have the preferred 90 days of love to give to it. But dammit, there would be limoncello this year! Even if we only had 40 days to let the yellow mellow.

And so I scrubbed and we zested and the Everclear filtered through the Brita four times and Max rolled over and over on his squiggly mat. He’ll be crawling soon we imagine. I wonder what’ll come first: crawling or limoncello? It’s a race!

Limoncello ala Nichols
adapted loosely from a variety of limoncello recipes

14 lemons, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed like mad.
1 bottle of Everclear, filtered four times through a Brita
1 bottle of 100 proof vodka (good but not necessarily premium stuff. Not Popov, but not Hanger One. You get the drift.)
2 c sugar
2 c water

Zest yellow part of rind only, stuff into glass jar and pour Everclear on top. A 32oz jar worked just fine. Ideally let this sit in a dark, cool place for 40 days. We are going to let it sit for 30.

Strain zest from mixture using coffee filters or cheesecloth. People say the zest should be crisp at this point. We shall see.

Boil water and sugar together until you get simple syrup. Cool. People also say if you add it to the alcohol while a little warm the limoncello gets cloudy. Again, we shall see.

In a much bigger glass jar than my happy 32 oz one, pour in yellow Everclear, bottle of vodka and sugar mixture. Let the yellow mellow for another 40 days. We’re giving it 5 before we…

Bottle limoncello in adorable glass jars that you’ve sterilized in boiling water. Oh, and make sure to taste your concoction. For the enjoyment, of course, but also to make sure you don’t give your loved ones something that really, really sucks and will make then sick. Am I the only one that always does this? Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Anyway, we’re on day one. Only forty more to go until Christmas! (Holy crap that’s coming up fast.)

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