Did we really just pay $119 for a bottle of beer?

by Kristin Nichols on January 26, 2011 | (1) Comment |

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

It's too darn hot for a penguin to just be walking around...

I think it was about six months ago, around the time little dude came into existence, that Elton introduced me to Brew Dog Brewery. I recall very clearly standing in Whole Foods, looking at the beer selection while our very small baby slept, and listening to Elton as he told me about this brewery in the UK that makes a beer that is 32% alcohol. Being the girl who loves high alcohol things (throwback to my days of triple Wild Turkey 101 and diet cokes), I wanted.

But, to my despair, the beer wasn’t available in Hawaii. So I forgot about it, until I walked into Liquor Collection in Ward Warehouse and they told me they were trying to bring in Brew Dog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Did I want to put my name on the list if it ever came in? Why, of course! (not thinking it would ever actually show up)

A week or two later I got a call, asking me if I still wanted it, and if so, I’d have to pick it up the following day. Excitedly I said yes, then remembered I should ask the price.

It was $119. For one 13 oz bottle.


Yet we still bought it, and will now be splitting it with our fellow alcohol reviewing peeps at Drink With Aloha in a couple weeks. Yes, we will all be paying $20 for a 1.5 oz sip, but sometimes you have to just suck it up in the name of good reviewership. At least that’s what we are telling ourselves. Honestly, I’ve just wanted to try it for a while, and I’ll give up 4 days of Starbucks to do so.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin review to happen in a few weeks. But until then we’ll ponder if we were crazy in spending $119 for one bottle of beer.

Were we?

One response to “Did we really just pay $119 for a bottle of beer?”

  1. Mel says:

    It sounds crazy, but when you put it into perspective that it’ll only cost us a sacrifice of 4 days of starbucks, sounds a little less crazy.

    When are we doing this??