Mommy Needs A Cocktail: Champagne Edition

by Kristin Nichols on January 31, 2011 | Comments Off on Mommy Needs A Cocktail: Champagne Edition |

It’s just about February, the month for chocolate, lovers, and all things romantic.  In my world, though, it will mean that the pace of the last few weeks will calm.

On Saturday, February 5, 2011 my husband Elton will launch a new project with fellow sommelier friend Patrick Okubo; a radio show to be exact, one all about wine and food and beverages that adults like to enjoy.  The show is called A Perfect Sip, and will air on Saturdays at 11am on AM 760 in Hawaii.  (If you’re enjoying this post on the mainland, you will be able to download the podcasts from the website and ITunes.)

But more on that in a future post.  This post is about me.

It took me an hour to get the baby to sleep tonight because he’s been going at my pace for the last week, and that pace isn’t comfortable.  As defacto business manager for some very busy sommeliers, I’ve been working to keep this project going on the business end, while organizing and implementing a giant company-wide project for my normal job – oh, and I was trying desperately to be a good mom to a great little boy.  I often get frowned on for being too pragmatic – a definite taskmaster when things need a-getting – and I can’t say it’s easy (tiny violin solo pau).  But what I can say is that when the dust cleared tonight, the website was mostly done, the guest packets were mostly stuffed for the show launch party I organized, and the baby was most definitely asleep.  And I found myself staring blankly at the bubbles rising from the glass of Nicolas Feuillatte that sat in front of me in my very messy house with absolutely nothing on my brain but calm.

I mean really:  Is there anything more soothing than a glass of champagne and a sleeping baby?

The bubbles rose beautifully.  The yeastiness on the tongue balanced the acidity of the wine. It had mild and lovely fruit and a tiny hint of sweetness (I was drinking the Brut NV out of a blue mini bottle – leftovers from our baby shower last May).  The bubbles are always my favorite part – a veritable party in your mouth.  I was celebrating my mini moment of calm, and there was no better way to do it.

So I listened to the refrigerator hum its little tune.  I glanced at the baby monitor as Max shuffled and squirmed in his bed.  Phoebe weaved around my ankles, her fur soft and silky.  And I watched the bubbles rise in my glass of Champagne and said a quick prayer to the baby gods that Max would stay asleep until the glass was done.

Ahh, sweet bubbly calm.  May we meet again soon.

For more info on Champagne and Sparkling wine, catch Elton and Pat’s kickoff show on Feb 5 @ 11am on AM760!

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