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January has dared to show its head again and it’s time to come up with some goals for the New Year.  Before you all go out to buy Shake Weights and practice your sexually suggestive fitness skills, I have a few different suggestions for you.  (Keep in mind that the prices quoted below are from the wine list at The Pacific Club and have no bearing on other restaurant or retail pricing)

Bring the 'Pagne!

One of the greatest Champagnes around.

1) Resolve to drink more Champagne

Every year around the holidays there is a big run on “celebration wines” and Champagne is the undisputed heavyweight champion of that category. When I sip on an exquisite glass of Champagne I can feel the room seem to quiet and all that is left is the soft staccato of bubbles bursting on my palate.  It’s kind of like biting into a York Peppermint Patty, but way better.  My life seems ever so slightly more refined, and I invariable think to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?”

The mixed blessing of Champagne being thought of as a celebratory drink is that it tends to get overlooked for more normal moments. I feel that life itself should be celebrated, and not just because a candy company tells you it’s a holiday. My resolution is to celebrate quietly on a more regular basis, and therefore to drink more Champagne.

Everyday Celebration: Aubry, Brut, Champagne NV $58

Extravagant Celebration: Krug, “Grand Cuvée”, Brut, Champagne NV $235

2) Resolve to try more wines you are not familiar with

Much as we do not remember to celebrate our lives enough I also feel that we can be stuck on reliving the same exact experiences to the point that they cease to feel unique.  Life is a series of singular events that is held together by the narrative of your consciousness. If too many of the moments in your life are extremely similar then everything will blur together and the years will melt away faster and faster.

Drinking the style of wine that pleases you is good, but there are so many beautiful and various wines in existence that you may fall in love with that it might be worth it to sometimes deviate from your usual course.  I’m not trying to say that you have to drink Miller Chill.  Ever.  Just maybe try something new like sitting on your hand for a few minutes before using it to hoist that next beverage (hint: it feels like someone else is handing you a drink!).

Off the Beaten Path (Domestic): Kiamie Wine Cellars, “Kiamie Kuvée” 2005 $60

Off the Beaten Path (Import): Weinbau Sattler, Zweigelt, Austria 2008 $33

3) Resolve to rediscover the classics

This might at first seem contradictory to my last point, but I feel that there are many legendary benchmark wines in the world that sometimes get overlooked because they aren’t getting 90+ points in any of the major publications.  A “classic” wine style in the New World is something that has been in production long enough for the producers to form a cohesive style and elevate it to a world-class level, so usually at least thirty years or so. In the Old World it might be closer to a century or two (or ten!).

Just as in trying to understand Sir Mix-A-Lot you have to first know The Sugar Hill Gang, the classic wine styles show the major themes that the rest of the world performs variations on. For my full unofficial list of 55 or so classic wine styles feel free to hit my email link at the top right of the page.

New World Classic (White): Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, “Karia” Chardonnay 2007 $42

New World Classic (Red): Woodward Canyon, Merlot 2006 $65

Old World Classic (White): Fichet, Meursault “Les Tessons” (Chardonnay) 2008 $105

Old World Classic (Red): Domaine du Pegau, Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2007 $126

4) Resolve, as always, to drink with aloha!

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