Where to find me on Wednesday Nights

by Justin D'Olier on January 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Where to find me on Wednesday Nights |

I have a new Wednesday night tradition: Family Night at Wahoo’s Kahala.

Happy hour drink specials all night for adults. Balloon animals for kids. It is, essentially, young parent nirvana. Good food, cheap drinks, family-friendly entertainment, and a couple of big screen TVs locked into the sporting event du jour, all in a clean, comfortable setting. If you can’t find me between six to eight p.m. on a Wednesday night, stop by Wahoo’s. I’ll be there.

Glowing Margarita

Margaritas and balloon animals? Count me in.

It’s bad enough that I fall directly into Wahoo’s target demographic — young; no frills; enjoy pairing a good drink with a good meal; on a budget, but willing to spend a little extra for high quality, healthier options — but, the addition of their Kahala location, with a full, seated bar and regular Family Night, which might as well be called the Tailor-Made-for-the-D’Olier-Family Night, virtually guarantees my regular intake of margaritas and Mexican food will increase 500% in 2011.

The restaurant is already a great place to take young children. They have a great kids menu, plenty of high chairs for the little ones, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the restaurant is incredibly clean, leaving you confident your two-year-old won’t get hepatitis when they inevitably lick the underside of the table. But the balloon artist on Family Night takes it to another level. On a scale from one to ten, his balloon creations are an eleven.

He asked Haley, my two year-old daughter, what type of balloon she wanted, patiently waited three minutes while Haley debated the decision as if the fate of the free world hinged on the outcome, then didn’t even flinch when Haley said, “I want a Backyardigans balloon, please.” He apologized for not knowing what a “Backyardigan” was, flipped out his iPhone to research, and then proceeded to create his first ever Pablo, the penguin from the TV show the Backyardigans, in balloon form. But he didn’t stop there. He thought his first creation lacked sufficient realism, so he made a second blue and white penguin balloon mock-up of Pablo the Backyardigan. Haley was beside herself and demanded that mommy hug both penguins and let them sit in her lap for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, Haley wasn’t the only one impressed.

So, if you have young children, find some in your care, or just really like balloon animals and don’t feel ashamed asking for one without a child, head to Wahoo’s Kahala for Family Night every Wednesday. You know I’ll be there.

One last thing, kudos to Wahoo’s for sneaking a bar into Kahala. There are a couple other places to grab a drink in the area (Chile’s, CPK, Counter Burger), but all of them feel like the bar was thrown on to the restaurant as an afterthought. Wahoo’s bar is tucked away at the front of the establishment with a couple of big screen TVs conveniently located behind the counter. Maybe it’s the cool surf decor. Maybe it’s the recessed lighting that makes it slightly darker at the bar than in the restaurant. Maybe it’s the large number of beers on tap, the great drink list, or the dynamite house margarita. Whatever it is, Wahoo’s created a bar at a restaurant that does not feel like a restaurant bar. Bravo.

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