The Top 3 Reasons Why Bud Light Lime and Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” are Basically the Same Thing

by Jordan D'Olier on February 15, 2011 | Comments Off on The Top 3 Reasons Why Bud Light Lime and Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” are Basically the Same Thing |

Wiz Khalifa? Black and Yellow?! Bud Light Lime?!! If any of these questions initially popped into your head, I immediately envy your powerfully beneficial naivety. While I would prefer that any who have not been touched by the aforementioned inadequacies of American popular culture remain comfortably aloof, the duty of information sadly falls on my shoulders.

Wiz Khalifa is a Pittsburg based rapper, newly emerging on the American popular rap scene. He is best known for his smash hit “Black and Yellow”, a song that not only clarifies his reputation as one who “does it big”, but also serves as an unofficial anthem to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The “Black and Yellow” of the song refers to Wiz’s preferred color of diamond and automobile, as well as the signature color of the Steelers uniform.

Bud Light Lime

Bud Light Lime in a can packs an astonishing 37% more shame per ounce

Bud Light Lime is a St. Louis based flavored light beer that emerged on the American alcoholic scene on May 2, 2008. This Anheuser-Busch beer flavored beverage contains 100% Natural Lime Flavor; a phrase that assures you that no percentage of the chemically introduced flavored is based upon unnatural limes. After seeing the introduction of Miller Chill – another 0% unnatural lime flavored beer – into the American marketplace, Anheuser-Busch decided that it needed to create Bud Light Lime to compete. This move, in my never humble opinion, is synonymous to spending millions to compete with the DVD Rewinder.

Now you may be thinking: “Wait, how could these two be similar, one is a tasteless, 0% unnatural, irrelevant piece of Americana, and the other is a beverage!”. So, to answer your question I have prepared a list of similarities.

1. Shame

While both Bud Light Lime and Black and Yellow are not without their charms, I have yet to partake in either without a healthy degree of shame. Black and Yellow is the kind of song that you would put on at a party, but at the same time share in the chagrin of all who oppose it, pretending some other douche turned it on. Likewise, Bud Light Lime is the kind of beer that you would drink at a party, but not without explanation. “This was the only kind of beer left” you might lie; “Haha, hey guys check it out, I’m totally drinking Bud Light Lime as a joke” is another all too common facade.

2. Aftertaste

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy a Bud Light Lime from time to time on hot outdoorsy kinds of days. However, the enjoyment of the 0% unnatural lime flavor is not without its compromises. As soon as the beer flavor leaves your mouth, the aftertaste begins. Whereas many great beers take pride in their lingering thoughtful aftertastes, Bud Light Lime can do nothing of the sort. Five minutes after swallowing there is an unmistakable musky, metallic flavor coating your mouth. The kind of flavor that you get from sucking a felt-tipped pen for a little too long; one that leaves you questioning the validity of the 0% unnatural limes. Similarly, Black and Yellow leaves a tune in your head that is equally unmistakable and unshakable. The eighth note beats of the song will remain in your head for hours after just one listen, necessitating the playing of the entirety of Jay-z’s Blueprint just to regain your remaining sanity.

3. I Like Them Both

Despite the shame and the aftertaste, I like them both. While I do consider myself connoisseur of both music and beer, I cannot deny the charms of both song and beverage. I know full well that Bud Light Lime is the kind of beer that even Olde English drinkers could (and should) scoff at. I know that saying that I’ve listened to Black and Yellow – on purpose, no less – could lose me much, if not all, of my music credibility. Regardless of these two inescapable truths, I honestly proclaim I enjoy them both.

Bud Light Lime has a light and fresh flavoring that goes perfectly with an active day at the beach. I don’t need the weight of a craft beer or the simplicity of a traditional American light beer while making back-flip football catches into waves on Kailua beach. I need freshness, I need 0% unnatural lime flavor, and most of all I need a beer that lacks any pretension and would never judge me as harshly as I judge it. Likewise, Wiz Khalifa makes no claim at excellence. If I asked him, I sincerely believe he would say he is a rapper doing his best to “rep his town” as best as he can.

Too often in alcohol and music reviews people lose track of the true purpose of both: enjoyment. I know Bud Light Lime is bad; I know Black and Yellow borders on aural torture; but, I dare anyone to sit down with both and try not to crack a smile.

Let us not forget that music and beer, much like life, is not always about being the best. Sometimes it’s just about being exactly who you are and being damn proud of it. So, as always my friends, drink up, listen well, and do both with aloha.

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