Wahoo’s Taco Tuesday is to happy hour as Charlie Sheen is to winning

by Justin D'Olier on March 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Wahoo’s Taco Tuesday is to happy hour as Charlie Sheen is to winning |

Much like Charlie Sheen, we here at Drink with Aloha enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage and share a commitment to winning. Granted, we have a vastly different definition of occasional – No, Charlie, waking up in the morning is not an occasion – and an entirely different concept of winning. For us, winning is finding an excellent cocktail , a transcendent sake, or an $8.99 magnum of white wine from Costco that we can drink without dry heaving. Think of Drink with Aloha as a winners guide to drinking in the Aloha State.

With that in mind, allow me to present my new favorite win: Wahoo’s Kahala Taco Tuesday.

Glowing Margarita

Taco Tuesday aka Winner's night

I’ve already expressed my affection for Wahoo’s Kahala and their dynamite family night – happy hour + balloon animals, anyone? – but Taco Tuesday takes the experience to another level. Mr Sheen claims he’s about bi-winning; Wahoo’s Taco Tuesday is about tri-winning.

Good fun.
Great drinks.
Incredible prices.

Check, check, and check.

$2 tacos (chicken, fish, pork or veggie), $2 Primos, live music and happy hour from 5pm to midnight every Tuesday.

When some people think $2 tacos, they picture a small dollop of sludgy ground beef on a limp tortilla sprinkled with an iceberg lettuce snowfall. Not Wahoo’s. The generous portions of meat (or veggies), cheese, and cabbage tests the tensile strength of the two fresh corn tortillas. The Wine Pixie and I both filled up after three (though they’re so good and so cheap we were tempted to order another round).

So, for all you winners on a budget, make your way down to Wahoo’s Kahala next Tuesday for an incredible combination of food, fun and value.

The only way they could fit more win into one night is if they served Tiger Blood Margaritas… (make it happen, Wahoo’s).

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