I Double Dog dare you to try this beer

by Victoria D'Olier on April 24, 2011 | (1) Comment |

During one’s drinking youth the general criteria for satisfaction relies heavily upon a dollar to alcohol percentage ratio: the lower the dollar, the higher the alcohol percentage, the more complete the satisfaction.  The point: get as blitzed as possible for the least amount of cash.  This scale tends to lead to many forgotten nights book-ended by frugality and bad decisions.

Double Dog Double Pale Ale

The dog is kinda scary, the beer not so much.

Happily, I can say that over a decade into my libation consuming years I place quality over quantity (so long as my 3 year old daughter has not chosen to be a spicy demon baby for the day, in which case quantity rules all).  Therefore, when the Resident Beverage Chugger plunked a Double Dog Double Pale Ale in front of me, I was skeptical as I glanced at the 11.5% alcohol rating.

“Dude, I am not feeling barley wine, Chimay Blue or anything else that has made me hurl in the past 5 years…really?”

“Try it. If it doesn’t blow your mind I will walk back inside Whole Foods and procure any beverage you want.”


“Ooooh, that’s really good.”

There was a time in my life I coveted the efficiency of high-alcohol beers but, like sweaty nightclubs, tube tops and disposable income…that time has passed.  In general, I find expensive, high-alcohol beers to be pairing challenges, the antithesis of refreshment and basic pretentious think-pieces.  This annoys me.  Therefore, the Double Pale Ale was an exceptional surprise and a complete revelation.  A solid $10 – $12 per six pack, this beer is no small investment but worth every penny.  I have now enjoyed this beer with pizza, popcorn and Thai food and it has been beautiful in every incarnation.

The beer is crisp, full bodied and fruity on the nose.  On the palate it is assertive, richly hopped and spicy.  The finish is decadently round, voluptuous and almost sweet without the slightest hint of being cloying due to its perfectly balanced hops and malt.  The bitterness is present in a complex, intriguing way without ever seeming aggressive or overpowering.   Flying Dog Brewery impresses me time and time again with its excellent beer and Double Pale Ale is no exception.  Don’t let its high alcohol scare you off, instead, try it with anything and everything and let its subperbly crafted quality amaze you, your palate will thank you and your wallet won’t hold it against you…it’s just that good.

One response to “I Double Dog dare you to try this beer”

  1. Mike Howard says:

    I tried a 4-pack of this from Mililani Times the other day (about $10 for 4 bottles) and thought it was amazing!!! Excellent flavor, and i could barely tell that the alcohol content was so high! I’d buy these every weekend, if they didn’t cost so much… Great with ribeyes on the grill!