If you like cocktails and fun, this is what you are doing on Wednesday.

by Justin D'Olier on April 13, 2011 | (1) Comment |

What do you usually do on Wednesday nights?

Eat meatloaf?

Take out the recycling?

Have consensual lights-off sex in the standard position with your domestic partner?

Watch reruns of Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior? (The fact that Wednesday can support two versions of the same awful show back to back is reason enough to hate it.)

Wednesday night sucks. But this Wednesday is different. This Wednesday is special. This Wednesday you can break out of your taciturn meatloaf-recycling-lights-off-position ritual. This Wednesday, you can say, “Screw you, Forest Whittaker. Just because you were incredible in Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai doesn’t mean I’m going to watch the crime against humanity that is Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.” This Wednesday you can set aside the taciturn normalcy of Hump Day and take part in something special, all while drinking amazing cocktails and helping to fight children’s cancer.

Scavenger Hunt

Come find me.

That’s because this Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, you can join the Hawaii Chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild of America for the Downtown Cocktail Scavenger Hunt, a fundraiser for the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation and the USBG Hawaii Chapter.

You do not want to miss it.

We took part in the last cocktail scavenger hunt in Waikiki, a night that involved a male go-go dancer, baggage cart surfing, the World’s longest escalator railing slide, someone licking the nipple of Christian Riese Lassen’s picture outside his art gallery (Yes, I have a photo. No, I will not post it.), and more incredible cocktails than we knew what to do with – and we know what to do with incredible cocktails. The event was off the chain and we could not be more excited to fill it up again.

The Downtown Cocktail Scavenger Hunt will follow the same formula as the Waikiki event. Teams of four are provided a list of cocktails and bars and have two hours to locate the bars that serve each drink on the list, order the drink – the first one is free, but you’re invited to purchase more if you’re hardcore like us – and snap a photo of themselves imbibing said beverage. Whether you want to sprint from bar to bar, slamming down Mai Tais like Charlie Sheen on a bender (or as he likes to call them, Tuesdays) or leisurely stroll from place to place, ordering multiple drinks and enjoying the subtle nuance of each cocktails, the event will assuredly yield an adventure of epic proportions.

The teams that locate the most drinks in the shortest amount of time will get an unbelievable haul of prizes, but the pre-scavenging libations and food, multiple free cocktails along the way (but you can purchase more if you’re hardcore (like us)), and fabulous excuse to tear around Chinatown like it’s your 21st birthday and bachelor party all rolled into one more than make up for the bargain priced entry fee.

Check in and pre-scavenger hunt cocktails and pupus start at 7 pm at Bar 35. The scavenger hunt goes from 8 to 10 pm.

To partake in the bacchanalia, RSVP by Friday April 15th to Maria Burke (mtlburke@gmail.com). The entry fee is $100 per team, which works out to $25 per person for those of you too drunk to do math right now.

So make this Wednesday you can make history and storm Downtown on a divine mandate for cocktails and charity or you can stay at home and watch Criminal Minds. I hear it’s a good one this week.

One response to “If you like cocktails and fun, this is what you are doing on Wednesday.”

  1. Wine Pixie says:

    I shall participate to show my love of children, drinkwithaloha.com and hangovers.