A Red Wine Made for Tacos

by Victoria D'Olier on May 16, 2011 | Comments Off on A Red Wine Made for Tacos |

A few lifetimes ago, before the days of barely noticing being vomited, pooped or peed upon by a child; when stumbling into my home, in an exhaustion induced haze, with a pair of soggy Dora the Explorer drawers was nothing more than a laughable joke among my single friends; I was the manager of a wine store. Yes, it’s hard, even for me, to believe, but once upon a time, I enjoyed afternoons of tasting high-end champagnes, followed by swanky cocktail parties hosted by some of Honolulu’s finest mixologists. While I do not long for said times, they are a part of my past that I lovingly recognize and look upon with nostalgia.

Now, my days are filled with adventure, excitement, laughter and remembering what it means to be a kid again. This often means finding joy in the simplest celebrations: a scoop of ice cream, a fantastic episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, a spectacular reading of the Bernstein Bears Spooky Old Tree, a really rocking Scissor Sisters song (no really, my kid has better taste in music than me). I am reminded every day to slow down and enjoy perfect pairings, yin and yang, the beauty of balance in life. Where once there was detail and chaos, now there are blurred lines and serenity.

Red Wine

Wine... good. Tacos... good. Wine and tacos? Most excellent.

On this note, one recent family night at Wahoo’s, in an evening filled with balloon animals, laughing toddlers, sleeping infants, happy couples, and busy bartenders I had the pleasure of enjoying a glass of their house red, Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon, with my chicken and carne asada tacos. I was expecting a standard, run of the mill, over oaked, vapid dark-fruit flavored red wine; instead I was pleasantly surprised by an interesting spiced citrus nose full of ripe fruit with a soft undercurrent of herbs. The wine was soft but lush on the palate. The citrus was gone, replaced by black cherries, black raspberries, licorice and a subtle hint of acidity on the finish leading perfectly into my first bite of carne asada taco. The marriage of flavors was perfection. While the wine was simple, anything more complex or overdone would have overshadowed the perfectly spiced, tender meat of the taco. This was a well thought out pick by the staff of Wahoo’s suggesting conscientious food and beverage pairings while maintaining their spectacular flair for the breezy and effortless.

A house wine, perhaps. But a perfect pairing for tacos…indeed.

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