In the time you spend reading this, you should be buying more Rex-Goliath Free Range Red

by Justin D'Olier on May 2, 2011 | Comments Off on In the time you spend reading this, you should be buying more Rex-Goliath Free Range Red |

Stop reading this. Well, not immediately. I haven’t gotten to the good part yet. But get ready to stop reading. In fact, if you want to take a quick break to start the engine on your car and prepare to make a quick exit, I’ll wait for you right here.

(Car primed and ready? Ok, let’s do this.)

2011 Rex-Goliath Free Range Red

You just wasted five more seconds reading this caption.

Rex-Goliath Free Range Red, a new crowd pleasing red blend from budget winery HRM Rex-Goliath, is currently $4.50 a bottle (2 for $9) at Longs Drugs. You should buy as much as you can, right now.

Every so often a budget winery benefits from a once-in-a-decade harvest paired with ideal rainfall, perfect temperatures, and an extended growing season that leaves them with an over-abundance of high quality fruit, which yields better wine and cheaper prices as the winery attempts to unload the additional product. This year, that winery is HRM Rex-Goliath and Free Range Red is the low price, moderate quality steal of the year.

This isn’t Opus One. Please don’t take this bottle to Michel’s and try to impress your fiancee. But you can comfortably open it with friends, family, or even your in-laws without worrying about them questioning your wine buying prowess.

I could give you tasting notes for Free Range Red, but frankly, it would be a waste of time. The 30 seconds you spend reading about the ripe strawberries on the nose, bold, jammy, fruit-forward body, and simple, yet refreshing finish would be far better spent hopping in your car, driving to Longs Drugs, and buying as many bottles of Rex-Goliath Free Range Red as you can before the Store Manager feels compelled to place a preemptive call to Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you’re still reading this, I sincerely appreciate it, since it gives me a bigger head start to get back to Longs.

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