We Decided to Drink Bud Light Lime in the Name of Science

by Justin D'Olier on May 11, 2011 | Comments Off on We Decided to Drink Bud Light Lime in the Name of Science |

We here at Drink with Aloha are dedicated to answering tough and important questions about alcohol. We also like to answer random and completely trivial questions, so when The Wine Pixie openly wondered whether Bud Light Lime tasted like a Bud Light with lime juice, I  jumped at the opportunity. We bought limes, Bud Light, and Bud Light Lime from Foodland and conducted a side by side blind tasting of Bud Light Lime and Bud Light with a quarter of a lime’s worth of fresh squeezed lime juice. After analyzing the flavors of Anheuser-Busch’s crapulous offerings more seriously than anyone ever has or ever should, we concluded three things:

  • Bud Light Lime does not, in fact, taste like a Bud Light with lime
  • Real lime juice does a moderately decent job of masking the fact that you’re drinking a Bud Light
  • Both beverages blow
Bud Light Lime

The Heidi Montag of lime flavored beers

Bud Light Lime was instantly recognizable. It smells like bland beer and lime. Not real lime, but a vague approximation of lime flavor. Like what someone would create in a lab if they’d read a description of a lime, but never tasted one. The bottle proudly claims 100% natural lime flavor, which is like claiming Heidi Montag is a 100% natural woman. It’s not terrible, per se, just unnatural. The flavor is actually mild and refreshing, the lime flavoring effectively mutes the Bud Light funk, but the aftertaste brings the bizarre saccharine quality back to the forefront.

Bud Light with lime juice, on the other hand, had a modestly non-terrible smell (by Bud Light standards, anyway). The mild citrus scent did a surprisingly decent job of masking the quintessential sour bread aroma of Bud Light. Similarly, the tart lime juice blended well with the beer, which is to say it provided something other than Bud Light flavor, to help distract your taste buds. Typically, I don’t advocate putting fruit in your beer, but since Bud Light isn’t technically a beer, I’ll allow it.

Despite their differences, Bud Light Lime and Bud Light with lime are similar in the respect that they taste like a Bud Light with a masking agent. But, while Bud Light with lime juice has a semblance of refreshing real fruit flavor, Bud Light Lime exists in a fizzy, lifeless beer purgatory. It’s not quite a beer and not quite a wine cooler, rather some sort of half-breed mutant Zima left to question its own identity.

If you enjoy bland, uninspired, depressingly unflavorful beers with odd, saccharine flavorings, we’ll probably never be friends, but you’ll almost certainly enjoy Bud Light Lime. Hey, more Bud Light Lime for you.

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