The Best Drink on Oahu

by Justin D'Olier on August 9, 2011 | (1) Comment |

Attempting to find the best of anything is an inherently futile endeavor. Everyone has different tastes, styles, and preferences. Attempting to foster agreement on the superiority of a singular item among a group of six (let alone six billion) is more likely to result in a heated argument, three dead chickens, a fractured femur, and an unquantifiable number of new swear words than it is to result in consensus.

With that in mind, when we identify a beverage as “the best” on Drink with Aloha, we don’t mean to bestow a mythical reverence upon it – any more so than normal, anyway – or to imply that you’re wrong if you disagree – you are, but we wouldn’t want to imply that – we simply mean that, in our never humble opinion, the drink attains a level of greatness such that arguing relative quality against similarly divine beverages is purely academic and probably pointless. Simply put, when drinks are that good, why bother arguing? Instead of quibbling over differing levels of perfection – as if perfection had levels – let’s simply agree that such drinks are cause for celebration and move on to more important endeavors, like ridding the world of Miller Chill.

Negroni - ingredients

It takes balls to put aside this much booze for nine weeks

That said, now you know what I mean when I say that the whiskey barrel-aged Negroni at Town is the best drink on the island.

You will not find a better drink on Oahu. You may find one as good. You may find one that you enjoy more. But you will not find one that surpasses it in quality, flavor, or unadulterated undergarment moistening power.

The drink is the brainchild of Town’s new head bartender, Kyle Reutner. Nine weeks ago, Kyle filled an old rye whiskey barrel with equal parts Plymouth Gin, Campari, and Dolin Rouge (a sweet vermouth). What came out resembles a Negroni, provided it was mixed with angel tears, filtered through a unicorn horn, and kissed with a ray of sunlight. It is a beautiful beverage.

An ideal cocktail strives for balance, achieving a harmony between alcoholic strength, sweetness, and a sprinkling of bitterness. When the flavors combine in such a fashion, each aspect of the drink sparkles, creating a whole, far greater than the sum of its parts.

Negroni - loading barrel

Whatever you do, don't spill

The whiskey barrel-aged Negroni does this in spectacular fashion. Over the course of nine weeks, the ingredients have completely fused. There are no singular flavors. You can’t pick out the bitter bite of Campari, it is inextricably melded to the sweet, oxidized vermouth. You can’t pick out the distinctly sweet, herbal juniper notes of Plymouth Gin, they’re perfectly blended with the smoky layers of rye whiskey. Even the orange essence, which Kyle adds by squeezing the oil from an orange peel over the drink and running the peel around the rim of the glass, fuses into the drink as if it had been sitting with the other ingredients in the barrel the last nine weeks. Each flavor has softened and blended, creating a cocktail unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.

Some drinks have layers. This drink is a layer all to itself. It’s less a drink and more a flavor experience.

As of last Saturday, only twenty bottles of whiskey barrel-aged Negroni were left. Once the supply runs out, the drink is gone. Forever.

So, make the trip to Town, sit down at the bar and order the best drink on the island before it’s too late. You deserve the best.

One response to “The Best Drink on Oahu”

  1. Dave Newman says:

    Yes!! Go get yourself a Negroni, but save some for me. I had one the other night and it was really good. Plus sitting with Kyle at Town is always a great time and the food is always killer too!