This is what you are doing on Sunday

by Justin D'Olier on April 13, 2012 | Comments Off on This is what you are doing on Sunday |

John HeckathornYou might not know it yet, but this Sunday you’re going to Apartment 3 from 6pm to midnight. Your attendance is not optional. You’re going. If you need me to cancel your existing plans – let’s be honest, you don’t want to have dinner with your inlaws anyway – I’m happy to do so. Just another public service on behalf of your favorite alcohol life planners here at Drink with Aloha.

The USBG Hawaii Chapter is organizing a Memorial Cocktail and silent auction fundraiser in the name of John Heckathorn, who sadly and prematurely passed away last December.

If you don’t know who John Heckathorn was, he was the Babe Ruth of local food and beverage writers.

If you don’t know who Babe Ruth was, he was the Michael Jordan of baseball players.

If you don’t know who Michael Jordan was, he was the George Washington of basketball players.

If you don’t know who Geroge Washington was, slap yourself upside the head for being such a moron.

John Heckathorn was a driving force of the local food and beverage scene. If you read anything about food or beverages in Hawaii in the past 30 years, there’s a good chance John wrote it. The event on Sunday is the USBG’s way of saying goodbye and thank you to John for his devotion to improving the quality and awareness of quality food and drink in the Aloha State.

The event will take place at Aparment 3 from 6pm to midnight. Entrance is free. A silent auction will take place throughout the night. All proceeds from drinks and tips as well as money from the auction will go towards the creation of a scholarship in Heckathorn’s honor at HPU, where John taught journalism.

Just about every bartender who you can identify by one name (Christian, Dave, Jonathan, Kyle, Maria, Roxanne, Tim) will be behind the bar at one point during the evening.

Come for the drinks.

Come for the people.

Come for the silent auction.

Come in honor of John.

Whatever the reason is, you’re coming. Let me know if you need help clearing your schedule.

Note from USBG bartender Dave Newman: “All money from the silent auction will be going towards setting up a scholarship fund in John’s name at HPU. Not sure if we can raise enough cash to get it set up, but we are going to try. If we come up short, the money will all be donated to the Journalism department at HPU, in the Heckathorn family name.”

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