A Hangover Cure for the Staunch of Heart

by Justin D'Olier on March 1, 2012 | (3) Comments |

I wonder how many of the world’s greatest inventions were inspired by a hangover?

I’d wager bacon, coffee, asprin, the panini grill, democracy, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the snuggie were all the result of a few too many cocktails.

(This list provides an intimate window into how I spend most hung over mornings.)

As of today, I can add another item to the list: coffee with Fernet.

Coffee and Fernet

Why, yes. My coffee mug does have a picture of a naked man attempting to stab someone on it.

In case you’re unaware of the wild flavor explosion known as Fernet, it is a bitter, aromatic spirit with a flavor resembling licorice-infused listerine. Image you took a pound of black licorice, put it in a blender with a haphazard mix of herbs, spices and grain alcohol, liquified it, let it ferment in the sun for 47 days, and then used it to lubricate the axels of an eighteen wheeler on a cross-country delivery. The resulting alcoholic goo would taste strikingly similar to Fernet. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that is not how Fernet is made.

During a recent philosophical conversation with bartender Dave Power about the existentialist nature of Fernet and the current state of my hangover, Dave recommended pouring a tablespoon of Fernet into my morning cup of coffee. I generally don’t drink before 8:37 AM – hey, a man has to have standards – but my throbbing head and slightly altered mental facilities quicily swayed me to the merits of the idea.

I was not prepared for the beverage I was about to consume.

I figured the bitter strength of coffee would tame the wild, mountain ruggedness of Fernet. It did not.

I figured the powerful aroma of a fresh cup of french pressed Kauai coffee would harness the hairy, gruff lumberjack smell of Fernet. It did not.

As I learned, there is no stopping the raw power of Fernet. If you have a problem with Fernet, Fernet will slap you in the face and call you Suzy. Fernet won’t take your shit. Fernet will take your mom out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again. Fernet triumphs over all.

The powerful, herbal aromatics of Fernet leap from the coffee mug. Even in a relatively small proportion, Fernet plays a leading role. The flavor of the coffee and the Fernet do harmoize, and the rugged aromatics of Fernet are lightened somewhat, but a light Fernet flavor is like a small kick in the crotch. Fernet does subtle like Hulk Hogan.

Somewhat ironically, because both coffee and Fernet are extremely bitter, the combination significantly dampens the bitterness of both. The sweetness of Fernet adds a nice compliment to the austere bitterness of a black cup of coffee. The resulting beverage is powerful, ostentacious, and agressive, but undeniably appealing to the inner-Lumberjack in all of us.

Put simply, if you don’t like Fernet, you won’t like it in your coffee. On the other hand, if you’ve come around to the cheeky wiles and undeniable masculine sensability of the bitter, aromatic spirit, Fernet and coffee is a hangover’s dream come true.

It almost makes me exctied for my next hangover. Almost.

Chocolate Whiskey Enlightenment

by Justin D'Olier on February 23, 2012 | (2) Comments |

Dave Newman, the Bar Manager / Bad-Ass Extraordinaire at Nobu (I believe this is his official title), is too good at his job. By the time I leave Nobu, I’m usually too drunk to remember what new amazing cocktail Dave whipped up, let alone write about it with any type of clarity (“I’m vaguely sure that it had whiskey in it and I’m 83% sure it was served in a glass”). In order to combat this problem, the most recent time I visited Dave at Nobu I took a picture of the first drink of the night and jotted a few notes on a cocktail napkin. (Notes: Contains whiskey. Served in glass.)

After I woke up the next morning, drank a strong cup of coffee, and tried to kill my splitting hangover with bacon, the memory of that first drink stuck with me with exceptional clarity. No hangover could make me forget the Whiskey a Cho Cho.

Whiskey a Cho Cho

Chocolate Whiskey Enlightenment

Dave set down a napkin, a drink, a plate, Maldon sea salt infused with fresh vanilla, and two small rounds of Valrhona chocolate, one 40% and other 70% cacao. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to eat, drink, or figure out the meaning of life by using the items to solve a Buddhist existentialist puzzle. Senseing my stunned amazement and excitement, Dave played the role of Bodhisattva and explained the significance of each item.

“Dip the chocolate in the sea salt. Take a bite. Then take a sip.”

I followed his instructions.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

The world slipped away.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

I became one with the universe.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

I was sitting underneath a waterfall in a forest glen while birds chirped and two naked, nubile goddesses hand fed me salty, chocolatey, whiskey-infused heaven.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

I needed to change my underwear.

The drink completely transformed depending on whether I drank it by itself, with the light chocolate, or with the dark chocolate. Each flavor was unique, interesting, sexy and vaguely reminiscent of the last sip, the alcohol infused equivalent of sleeping with triplets. It was so good, even a hangover couldn’t wipe the beautiful symphony of flavor from my mind. (Let’s be honest, no amount of alcohol can wipe away the memory of hooking up with triplets.)

So, go to Nobu. Order a Whiskey a Cho Cho. Dip the chocolate delicately in the vanilla infused sea salt. Take a bite of the salt encrusted chocolate, allowing the chocolate to slowly melt in your mouth. Take a sip of the amber cocktail, savoring the harmony of flavors. Savoring Nirvana.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

Dip. Bite. Sip.

(Just remember to bring a change of underwear.)

How I Watch Hawaii 5-0

by Justin D'Olier on February 22, 2012 | Comments Off on How I Watch Hawaii 5-0 |

This is an off-shoot of the Drinking through Business School series I call, “Martini Five-0”. The Martini is made with Death’s Door Gin – an American Craft gin with strong citrus and anise notes, Lillet Blanc, and a lemon twist, which perfectly compliments the citrus in the gin. Run the lemon peel around the rime of the glass to add some additional aromatic to the drink, fire up Hawaii 5-0 on demand, kick your feet up and thank yourself for creating jobs that involve the consumption of liquor and pop-culture.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go drink beer and do some present value finance analysis. A guy can only work for so long…

Martini FIVE-0

I swear, both of these are for work.

I don’t always analyze fiscal policy, but when I do, I drink Big Swell IPA

by Justin D'Olier on February 15, 2012 | (2) Comments |

During the same vodka event where I asked the NFL’s greatest return man if he takes vodka to the house (answer, “Hell, yeah!”), I ran into two buddies, Danny and Dave, who convinced me to restart Drink with Aloha with the simple logic, “even if you only have time to post pictures of yourself drinking scotch while you do Business School homework, post that”. In honor of their amazing suggestion (and their support of the drunken philanthropy of Drink with Aloha), allow me to present my new series of posts… “Drinking my way through Business School”.

The first entry is a fabulous photo of a Big Swell IPA and a summary of the recent history of US fiscal policy. I figured it was only fitting since Congress must have been drunk if they thought our past budget was a good idea.


The best fiscal policy is a drunk fiscal policy

A Frontier Whiskey Man’s Guide to Environmental Conservation

by Justin D'Olier on February 8, 2012 | Comments Off on A Frontier Whiskey Man’s Guide to Environmental Conservation |

You don’t need me to tell you the best thing to do with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. (Hint: It starts with D and rhymes with “rink it”).

But, after you’ve consumed the bottle of glorious frontier whiskey – yes, it’s called frontier whiskey and yes, it’s ok if that makes you semi-erect thinking about how rugged you are for drinking whiskey made for the frontier – what do you do with the bottle?

Bulleit Bourbon Bottle

If that doesn't scream dirty, regrettable sex, I don't know what does.

Throw it away? Heavens, no. It’s too cool. Too slick. Too effortlessly curved and roguish. It’s a bottle designed to be seen. If you tried to throw away a bottle of frontier whiskey, the bottle would climb out of the trash can and smack you in the face. Don’t you dare disrespect frontier whiskey like that!

The bottle is too large to fit on a chain around your neck, which is a shame consider how much action you would get by rolling up at the club sporting a bottle of frontier whiskey on a gold chain.

“Hey, there sexy. Is that a bottle of frontier whiskey around your neck?”

“Uh huh.”

“Hot. Let’s go have dirty, regrettable sex.”

Similarly, people at work seem to frown upon leaving bottles of hard liquor strewn around your desk. HR does not appreciate a frontier whiskey man.

So what is a frontier whiskey man to do?

Fill the bottle with olive oil.

When people come to your house expecting another ho-hum night of spaghetti, parchesi, and blindfolded orgiastic lovemaking, imagine their surprise when they reach for a drizzle of olive oil, only to be staring directly into the eyes of a bad ass bottle of frontier whiskey. They’ll instantly know you’re a man of class and stature. A rugged outdoorsman who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to put someone in thier place. They’ll assume you juggle chainsaws, can spit fire, and effortlessly divide by zero (with your special infinity suit, of course). The conversation will probably unfold like this…

“Can you pass me the EVOO?”

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“Sorry. I forgot that only asshats say EVOO. Can you pass me the olive oil?”

“No problem. Here you go.”

“Woah. Is that olive oil inside a bottle of frontier whiskey?”

“Uh huh.”

“Hot. Let’s go have dirty, regrettable sex.”

So, the next time you finish wrestling grizzly bears and polishing off a jug of Bulleit Bourbon, make sure to save the bottle. Dirty, regrettable sex is sure to follow.

SWAM is so good it makes me want to shop at Waimalu Plaza

by Justin D'Olier on February 3, 2012 | Comments Off on SWAM is so good it makes me want to shop at Waimalu Plaza |

At a glance, there is nothing that would entice you to enter the magical wonderland of Waimalu Plaza. The shopping complex, tucked between Moanalua Road and Kamehameaha Highway in Aiea, is a nondescript series of uniform concrete buildings. It boasts a bizarre mix of retailers ranging from Pink Box, a seductively named Hello Kitty emporium, to the office of James K. Michishima, CPA. If an accountant’s office doesn’t scream “happening center of commerce”, I don’t know what does. Short of a spur of the moment Starbucks craving while shopping at Best Buy – Waimalu Plaza does boast the closest Starbucks to Best Buy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Pearlridge Starbucks – nothing would make me enter what has to be the odds on favorite for World’s Most Generic Shopping Complex 2012.

Of course, that was before last Thursday. Before I learned of the glory that is SWAM.

SWAM, short for Shiroma’s Wines and More, is a tiny wine shop tucked into the general malaise of Waimalu Plaza. Aside from the noticeably polished sign, nothing about the entrance to the store or the yawn-inducing surroundings of the mall suggest a memorable shopping expereince. Then you enter… and everything changes.

Immediately upon entering, I was greeted by the owners, Jill and Mark. It was not a generic Welcome-to-Walmart-I’m-contractually-obligated-to-say-hi-to-you-but-in-actuality-I-think-you-smell-funny greeting. It was a I’m-obviously-and-sincerely-glad-you-walked-in-here-let’s-be-best-friends-would-you-like-to-share-my-chapstick hello, accompanied with a smile. I felt immediately at home.

The store is small, but surprisingly well-stocked. A main wine rack runs through the center of the store and the rest of the assortment of wine, beer, liquor, cigars, and other assorted alcohol-themed play things line shelves along the walls. A cigar case here, an assortment of hard liquor there. Is that a sake fridge in the corner? Hey look, a hand painted skull filled with tequila! The products are organized by type, making a circle of the store play out like a stroll through a booze-filled Epcot Center.

My focus on Thursday was a few nice bottles to add to my liquor collection, so I spent some time perusing SWAM’s impresssive assortment of liqour. To conserve space, the bottles are packed into a series of square cubby holes making the browsing experience more of a treasure hunt than window shopping. Each cubby has a theme, American Bourbon, High End Tequila, Irish Whiskey, and one that I can only assume is “stuff so bizarre it transcends taxonomy”. It takes a little searching to browse the selection, but Jill and Mark happily answered all of my questions and gave me free reign to rifle through the expansive assortment of intoxicants. I’m reseasonably sure they would have let me juggle the bottles if I had asked.

I ended my dipsomanical sojurn with a boutique new American gin, a bottle of amazing tequila, two aperitifs, two craft bitters, and a newfound love for all things SWAM.

You can buy alcohol anywhere. These days, even local grocery stores offer an admirable selection of great wine, craft beer, and spirits. What is increasingly more difficult to find is admirable customer service and quality recommendations. Even local wine stores, which should be a wealth of alcohol information, often have unreliable service and staffing. Shiroma’s Wines and More stands out like a beacon of gluggable glory for instilling an undeniable atmosphere of customer service into what could so easily be just another wine store. Clearly, SWAM takes the More in Shiroma’s Wines and More seriously, and so should you.

Here at Drink with Aloha we encourage you to find out what you like to drink. Trust your pallate. Find out the stories behind bottles and the faces behind labels. Treasure every drink and seek out those that help you transform alcohol from a product into an experience.

SWAM is one of those places and for that I am thankful. The mere fact that it makes me want to return to Waimalu Plaza tells you everything you need to know.

Just a picture of me drinking vodka with Devin Hester

by Justin D'Olier on January 27, 2012 | (1) Comment |

Drink with Aloha has been gone for far too long, but we’re back… with a vengeance. I thought I’d kick start the revival with a little photo of me drinking vodka with the greatest return man in the history of the NFL, Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Devin Hester.

Note: Not only does Hester return kicks to the house, when he drinks vodka, he takes it to the house as well.

Drinking vodka with Devin Hester

Just another Thursday night with Drink with Aloha

A Sunday Night Event More Fun than America’s Funniest Home Videos

by Justin D'Olier on September 29, 2011 | (3) Comments |

Lion's Pride Rye Whiskey

Whiskey: Better than America's Funniest Home Videos since 1989

What are you doing this Sunday evening at 6pm?

The weekend is over at that point.

Mark Sanchez will have long since finished picking the turf out of his teeth after the Ravens dispatch the Jets on Sunday Night Football.

I suppose you could curl up on the sofa with a plate of overcooked broccoli, a scoop of dried out two day-old brown rice, and freezer-burned turkey meatloaf to watch Tom Bergeron wonder what he did wrong in his life while he makes forced jokes about a grainy hand held iPhone video of a poodle who doesn’t want to take a bath on America’s Home Videos while you slowly rock back and forth on your sofa and cry as the creeping inevitability of another work week consciously sucks your soul through you ear canal.

That’s one idea. But, I have a better one.

I propose you drink hand crafted whiskey cocktails prepared by the best bartenders in the state, paired with mouth-watering appetizers from Chef Nobu among a host of sexy, intelligent like-minded winners like yourself.

Oh, Justin. Surely an experience like this isn’t available to the public.

Au contraire. This jaw-droppingly sublime event is open and available to everyone.

But there’s no way I could afford it. An event of this monolithic epicness must surely cost upwards of a million dollars.

Wrong again. The event only costs $25.

Excuse me. That can’t be right.

Yup. $25.

But, that’s over three times less than this official Battlefield Earth movie poster?

I know. Amazing, right?

Yes. Yes it is.

So there you have it. You can sit at home, watching America’s Funniest Home videos and cry, saving your money in the hope of one day buying an official movie poster from the worst movie ever made or you can enjoy an assortment of pants-wettingly delicious cocktails paired with incredible food.

I think the choice is clear.

Official Details:

Six Bars.
Six Bartenders.
Six+ Cocktails.
Savory, Signature Nobu Small Plates.
One Key Ingredient…WHISKEY.

Advance $25 per person via Facebook
(RSVP on the Nobu Waikiki Facebook Event Page.
Your name will be added to a VIP list)
Back Door Event Entrance $30 per person

Featuring Honolulu’s hottest mixologists Dave Newman (Nobu Waikiki), Kyle Reutner (Imbibe and Town), Maria Burke (Imbibe), John Heckathorn (Yes, he IS bartending at this event!!!), Tim Rita (Lewers Lounge), Chandra Lucariello (Southern Wine n Spirits) and a MYSTERY GUEST BARTENDER

Nobu Waikiki | 2233 Helumoa Road | Complimentary Valet at The Parc |237.6999

To put your name on the VIP list for the event, visit the official event page on Facebook and leave your name. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

EDIT: Due to popular demand, tickets have already sold out, but they are still taking names for the waiting list. You know some people are bound not to show. You should definitely put your name on the list. Seriously.

A Tawdry Booze-Filled Heaven

by Justin D'Olier on September 2, 2011 | (2) Comments |

During a recent visit to the ESPN 1420 AM studios – I moonlight as a sports talk radio host when I’m not bootlegging – I was talking to an on-air personality when an advertisement with him doing the voice over played on the radio. I stood in awkward silence for a few moments trying to process the contradiction of talking to someone and hearing their voice playing from the radio at the same time. It was part time travel, part multidimensional. I asked him if it ever became normal to hearing your own voice on the radio. He said, “not really. It’s always a little weird.”

This is exactly how I feel about alcohol distributors’ annual Holiday Shows. For those of you unfamiliar with these bawdy bastions of bacchanalia, every year before the holiday season each local alcohol distributor organizes a “Holiday Show”, which is akin to a tawdry, booze filled heaven. The distributors rent out a ball room, fill it wall to wall with booths offering samples of their various offerings (and, yes, by offerings I mean alcohol), and invite all their clients to attend under the guise of tasting through the portfolio to aid their purchasing decisions for the upcoming holiday season. Essentially, it’s a thinly veiled excuse to get clients hammered in the name of product awareness, but hey, who am I to judge?

I’ve attend various Holiday Shows, yet, each time, I still can’t shake the sensation that something is amiss.

Let me get this straight. You want me to come to a resort ballroom where you will hand me a glass and turn me loose in a room filled with free food and hot women serving alcohol for five hours and all I have to do is write about the experience?


The entire time, I keep expecting a large Samoan security guard to tap me on the shoulder and brusquely escort me from the premises. I can’t possibly be invited. This is amazing. I am Wayne and Garth meeting Alice Cooper.

I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

For some reason, the awkwardness has a tendency to abate after the third shot err… taste of Peligroso Tequila.

I can only assume that my initial feelings of shock and awe will eventually subside, but, much like hearing your own disembodied voice blaring from a radio, I doubt that the feeling of wandering aimlessly around a ballroom stocked with an endless assortment of free drinks will ever lose it’s mysterious bewildering appeal. Until that time, I will remain a faithful steward to the Drink with Aloha community and continue to attend said events and report back on my findings, in the name of science, of course. I love science.

Scientific Alcoholic Musings from the Youngs Market Hawaii Holiday Show (in the name of science):

2008 Reynolds Family Chardonnay: Reynolds Family bucks the trend of the typical big, bold, buttery Napa Chardonnay. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Reynolds, who explained his father’s philosophy when he created a more reserved style of wine as “It’s an effing grape.” Well said, Mr. Reynolds.

The 2008 is a smooth, balanced and toasty Chard that dances on the palate. Absolutely fabulous.

2009 King Estate Acrobat Pinot Grigio
2008 King Estate Pinot Grigio
2008 King Estate Domain Domaine Pinot Grigio

The entire King Estate line up is lovely, with light fruit, and a clean fresh finish. The Acrobat is the cheapest of the bunch, but easily the best bang for your buck. It has most of the lusciousness of the its bolder cousins at a fraction of the price. Solid buy.

Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades on ice

Cue the angel chorus

Armand de Brignac Champagne: I asked the Armand de Brignac representative if a ray of sunshine appeared from the heavens, an angel chorus began singing, and a bolt of lightning struck every time a bottle of Armand de Brignac was opened. He responded, “Everything but the lightning.”

The brut (Gold) is fabulous, the blanc de blanc (Silver) is smooth and amazing, and the Rose (Pink) is bold, balanced, toasty and luscious, like spreading mascarpone on a buttered biscuit. It is everything a champagne should be, provided, of course, you have $300 to drop. But, really, can you put a price on sunshine and an angel chorus?

One Hope Wines: Half of the proceeds from One Hope Wines go to charity. I sincerely wish the wines were as good as the business model.

2008 Murphy Goode Pinot Grigio: Surprisingly toasty and bold, this is a Pinot Grigio for a Chardonnay lover.

Choya Umeshu
Choya Excellent (w/ Cognac)

Oh umeshu. How I love thee. Sweet and light with a refreshing sourness that balances the flavor on the palate. I have no idea if this is good umeshu or bad umeshu (if such a thing exists), I only know that I am as giddy and atwitter as a freshman girl drinking her first wine cooler under the bleachers at a High School football game whenever I drink the stuff.

Dos Maderas 5 + 5: Aged for five years in oak barrels and another 5 in sherry barrels (hence the 5 + 5), Dos Maderas would be yet another in a long line of smooth and solid yet utterly unspectacular rums if it weren’t for the totally unexpected sherry finish. Delightfully unique.

Peligroso Silver
Herradura Reposado
Corso Anejo

I have trouble separating the various premium tequilas on the market, so I picked from favorite from each category (Silver, Reposado, and Anejo).


Sexy bottle. Sexy tequila.

Peligroso is a new “ultra premium” tequila in the style of Patron. Usually, slick marketing campaigns and flashy product displays signal a poor quality product – if it was that good, why would they need to push it so hard? – but Peligroso Silver is easily one of my new favorite silver tequilas. It has a smooth mouth feel with just the right zesty kick on the finish. Versatile, smooth, and spicy. Well worth the try. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the bottle is cool enough to mount on your wall.

Herradura Reposado has a seductive sweetness on the finish that makes me blush. Literally. I actually blushed.

Corso Anejo is bold, burly and complex, just like an anejo should be, but the standout feature is the finish which lingers for an incredibly long time on your palate. People who take shots of this instead of sipping and savoring it deserve their hangovers.

Domaine de Canton (ginger liquer): Syrupy, sweet, spicy gluggable ginger syrup. Oh, and it has alcohol in it too.

Root: My mom said “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Maestro Dobel Tequila: I saved the best for last. Holy mother of mercy. Where has this been all my life? Maestro Doble is unlike any tequila you’ve ever had. It’s a blend of extra anejo, anejo, and reposado tequilas that are subsequently filtered, lending them the crispness of a silver, the mouthfeel of a reposado, and the bold flavor of an anejo into a panty moistening alcoholic flavor explosion. It tastes like a tequila, but drinks like a rum. Heart stopping. You should stop whatever you’re doing, buy a bottle of Maestro Dobel, and have a sip right now. I don’t care that you’re at work. Just tell them it’s Maestro Dobel. If they don’t believe you give them a taste. They’ll come around. [Author’s Note: The Drink with Aloha “legal counsel” has directed me to inform you that we take no responsibility for what happens should you actually decide to drink on the job (even if we think drinking Maestro Dobel would be worth the consequences).]

[Author’s Note: A big thanks to Christa Wittmier and the folks at Youngs Market Hawaii for throwing such an amazing event and inviting Drink with Aloha along for the ride.]

A Frothty Blast from the Past

by Victoria D'Olier on August 31, 2011 | (2) Comments |

[Author’s Note: Drink with Aloha “legal counsel” has instructed me to inform you that this story is purely hypothetical. I certainly did not consume any alcohol before the age of 21. Absolutely not. That’s preposterous. Total fiction. Complete balderdash. Utter codswallop. Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up…]

Where better to party when eighteen years old but the living room of the house for which your best friend is house sitting? A convenient location full of the home owner’s favorite music and a cupboard full of cheap booze. In this case it was Tupac and pre-mixed, bottled Bailey’s Mudslide…happy day. At that tender (again, hypothetical) age, nothing short of a shirtless Antonio Banderas (ca. 1998) walking into my living room holding pina coladas singing “Music of the Night” could have pleased me more completely.

Baileys Mudslide

Turn blender up to 88 MPH to begin time travel

For years, I harkened back on that night with sardonic affection and horror at my complete and total lack of appreciation for beverages of quality. Therefore, when the Resident Beverage Chugger informed me that a free bottle of Bailey’s Mudslide had been shipped to the Drink With Aloha headquarters for our tasting pleasure, I all but rolled my eyes in snarky disdain.

That night, I followed the instructions on the bottle: blend with ice and pour into a chilled vessel. I felt like Marty McFly and the blender was the DeLorean transporting me back to my senior year of high school. The drink was frothy, creamy, cloyingly sweet and…just as I feared it would be…totally and utterly delicious.

While not a drink I would suggest consuming in bulk due to the rich and filling nature of it, I relished every drop of that Mudslide with gluttonous glee. The next time you find yourself looking for a creamy, delicious milkshake with just the right amount of kick to round off a hot day, I would highly recommend you do the same. While you’re at it, put on your best pair of flared blue jeans and hoochie hoops then crank up some LL Cool J, because it’s sure to be that kind of party.

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