Come drink with us or let us bring the drinks to you


Our staff is available for wine tastings of any size. Hosting a party? We’ll come to you. Need a venue? Allow us to host you at the private dining room of EAT Honolulu. We’re happy to pour your beverages or help you select the right drinks for your event. Let us know how we can help.

To schedule a tasting, email us at


Want to learn wine basics? How to properly taste spirits and mix drinks? Interested in home brewing? Our knowledgeable team of sommeliers, home brewers, and cocktail connoisseurs is ready and willing to teach you anything and everything about wine, beer, or spirits.

To organize a class, email us at


Want to have a party, but don’t feel like cooking? Let Executive Chef David Passinissi — co-owner of EAT Honolulu Catering & Cafe — and our team create a custom wine, beer, or cocktail paired menu for you. We can cater events of any size (big or small) or host a dinner at the EAT Honolulu private dining room.

To set-up a dinner, email us at


Buying drinks for a wedding? Want to know what type of wine to bring when you meet the in-laws? Wondering what type of beer pairs best with chicken katsu?

We can help.

Send us an email ( Leave a message on our Facebook page ( Holler at us on Twitter (@drinkwithaloha). We love helping people. That’s how we roll.